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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Hello Kitties! Hope that all of my readers are having a Spectacular Memorial Day Holiday Today! im sure many of you are planning something outdoors, so, lets not forget to help Save Our Environment by using these terrific Washable It's Not Paper Collection from

                                                       Washable It's Not Paper Platter $22.00

                                                          It's Not Paper Hot Dog Trays $17

                                                          It's Not Paper Dessert Plates $14

Don't forget to use this nifty Timer for cooking up some BBQ

                                                              Retro Hamburger Timer $9
When you get ready to go to your fridge, you'll smile everytime with this super adorable 

                                                   Blue Babushka Russian Doll Magnet $6.00

Always Remember to wear an Apron, like this one, to keep your clothes from getting BBQ sauce on them too!

                                                             Barbeque Ninja Apron $17

Keep your Lemonade Cool, by the Pool with these
                                                     FREEZE! Guns Ice Cube Tray $10.00

                                                      Retro Robots Ice Cube Tray $10.00

When the Family is all stuffed with good food and ready to hit the road, treat your feet with these Turkish Home Slippers made by SmilingKnitting at

That is all for today! Please check back for more updates. Thank you all and have a Happy Memorial Day!

                                                                        Hearts & Bows
                                                                           X's & O's,
                                                                                          ~  Spooky Von Sweets

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kawaii Cute over at

Hello Kitties! I just had to share these Fabulous New Items that I found over at!

                                                                Fairy Tale Unicorn $60

                                                         Little Bunny Prince Necklace $26

                                                       Kitty Katkeshi Silk-Screen Print $25

                                                             Deer Silhouette Earrings $19

                                                   Siamese Baby Deer Cameo Necklace $23

                              Fine Art Wooden Plaque- My Poor Meatball by Cuddly Rigor Mortis $55

Well, That's all for now Kitties, Check back later for more!
          Hearts & Bows,
             X's & O's
Spooky Von Sweets

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Kawaii Finds!

Hello Kitties!

         It's time for an update on my latest findings! I do love to find things that I can find online for cheaper in stores around where I live. The photos aren't great, but you get the idea.
I found these Super Cute and ever so popular Japanese Erasers
from the Dollar Value for $0.99 for a full pack! You can also find the single erasers @ Walgreens, in the Pharmacy for $0.99 a piece.

Ice Cream Water Gun!
Summer got ya all Hot and Bothered? Well, cool off with this  Sweet Ice Cream Cone -shaped Water Gun! Also available at the Dollar Value for only $1.79

I'll be back with more Kickin' Kawaii fun!
Thanks to all my Kitties for Reading!

Hearts & Bows
X's & O's
Spooky Von Sweets

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Save The Whales!!!!

I'd like to enhance this pic of my good friend/Co-Worker for a "Save the Whales" campaign! We're such a bunch of goofs!

Look what I Found!!!

Hello Kittens! Sorry for the long time span since my last post. I've just been living a Super Crazy Life lately. I just had to share this Ultra Kawaii Drink Cup that I found @ a Dollar Value inside of the same place I work. This is a great addition to my Bento Collection! I also happened to find this awesome "Spirited Away" bandage-style canister from a local shop in Tampa,FL! It was the only one they had, so naturally being a Studio Ghibli & Hayao Myazaki fan, I quickly latched onto it!